Storage units can make your life so easy. Instead of getting a bigger home, which can cost a lot in Dubai, you can use a self-storage unit for a fraction of cost. You need them, even more, when you are moving to a new place or trying to clear the clutter for some renovation. You can also use these facilities to store stuff you will need in the future, but had to buy early because of that amazing sale.

Before you decide to put all your stuff in the storage unit, keep in mind that it is not meant for everything. Every storage company in Dubai has its own sets of rules regarding things they allow or don’t allow. And they have good reasons to deny their service for certain items.

Here is a list of items you might not be allowed to put in storage along with the reason.


Despite their high security, storage companies prohibit storing items with a high monetary value. This can include jewelry, heirlooms, artifacts, and art pieces. They do not want the liability, and you should not take the risk.

Better alternative: Go for a safe deposit box instead.


This can include explosives, combustible oils, chemicals, inflammable items, and firearms. No caring storage company in Dubai would want to expose their staff to such hazards. It is a safety measure that must be appreciated.

Better Alternative: Fireproof warehouses meant for such items


Plant or pets – if you love them do not leave them in storage. Storage facilities just provide space and there will be no one to care for them. There is no proper ventilation or temperature control. Neither plants nor pets can survive those conditions.

Better Alternative: Hire a pet sitter and ask a friend to take care of the plants.


Again, storage units do not provide the right environment for perishable food items. In that heat and humidity, they are likely to perish much sooner than they are supposed to. Besides, these items will attract insects and rodents, putting the rest of your belongings at risk.

Better Alternative: Ask a friend to keep them until you need them. Better yet, donate to a shelter.


Anything that runs on fuel, including vehicles, are usually not allowed in a storage unit. It is partially because of the risk of combustion, and partially because of the monetary value. However, you can ask your storage company in Dubai if it offers separate units for vehicles.

follow these policies to ensure convenience and safety for all. Now that you know things they might not allow you to put in storage, you can plan your move without facing any disappointment later.


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