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In the event that your products should be put away before dispatch, we offer secured present day offices where they are put away in wooden capacity boxes or steel compartments. Our offices are kept an eye on via prepared work force.

  • Packing
  • Moving
  • Storing
  • End-to-end solutions

Why Euro Movers fast line Storage?

At Euro Movers fast line storage, we offer best rates & International Standards in Storage Solutions at very affordable prices.

  • We are fully approved by Dubai Civil Defense, Dubai Municipality and Dubai Police
  • Fully Climate Controlled Breezier Cooling System which positively pressurizes the total facility, keeping bugs and dust out.
  • Dedicated 2 Ton Goods Lift (with auxiliary power supply. Goods can be moved from the upper level in the event of a DEWA power failure).
  • Fully Insulated walls and ceilings.
  • Dedicated 24/7 CCTV Monitoring Room.
  • Flexibility of being able to combine Storage Units by way of interchangeable dividing walls to meet larger Storage need.
  • Each Unit thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to occupation.

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A few more reasons why Euro Storage

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Climate Controlled

Environmentally friendly ducted Air Conditioning throughout.

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Sprinkler System

Zoned Sprinkler System fully approved by Dubai Civil Defense.

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24 Hour Security

Trained Security Guards approved by dubai Security on site 24/7.

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CCTV Monitored 24/7

CCTV Cameras approved by MDHA Monitor the whole facility.

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Dust Free

Rotational cleaning program by Full Time Cleaning Team

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Pest Control

Programmed Pest Control on each individual storage unit.

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Affordable Solutions

As part of our great value pricing, we also offer discounts on long term storage.

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We sell a variety of boxes for your business and personal storage needs.

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Packaging Materials

From Tape to Bubble wrap we have all the packing materials you need.

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Bezel locks by German GTA , multiple Storage units can be keyed alike.

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Pick Up

Pick up service available.