Ensure the safety of items in your possessions.

Are you planning a long vacation overseas or just temporary relocating for work purpose? There are two
ways you can ensure the safety of items in your possessions. You can sell the items that you know you
can easily repurchase or items that may not stay safe in storage. The other option is to choose a reliable

storage service in Dubai.

Storage services will cost lower than the rent you will pay for your home while you are away. If you own
a home, you can rent it out while you are away and earn a good amount of money. Also, a warehouse
owned by a storage company is actually safer than a locked home.
So, if you are confused about your storage decision, here is a checklist to consider.

Small But Valuable Items
Let’s start with items that are small in size but big in value. It can be jewelry or small gadgets and
devices. It can be anything with great sentimental value for you. Traveling with these valuables is just as
risky as keeping them locked at home. You can keep them stored in a secure storage facility. Such
facilities offer round the clock monitoring.

Documents and Photos
Documents and photos are also counted as valuables. If there are documents you won’t need in the
other country you are relocating to, do not leave them in an unsecured place. Even if you are leaving
them with your friend, there is always a risk of weather damage. Climate controlled storage facilities can
keep your photos and documents safe from all kinds of damages.

Clothing and Shoes
If you are relocating for a few months, you can’t travel with all items in your wardrobe. Try to find out
the climatic condition of the place you are moving to. If it is a cooler place, pack your warm clothes. If it
is warmer, pack your summer clothes. Palace the remaining items in a storage facility where they will
remain safe till your return.

So, if you are renting your place out, try to rent it with all the furniture and appliances. If there is
anything that isn’t included in the agreement, a storage facility is your best bet.

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