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Air freight

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The increasingly globalized nature of modern markets requires an air freight forwarder who can keep up with the capacity demands across multiple routes worldwide. What’s more, their services need to be fast, secure, and flexible enough to ensure reliable air shipping no matter the circumstances.

Working with carefully selected carriers, we operate with schedules on all the world’s major routes so you can plan with certainty and become more efficient. We offer a range of secure and highly flexible air shipping products, which allow a choice of delivery speeds to best suit your requirements.

Euro Movers World L.L.C. provides international relocation services Dubai through world-class air freight services that are made possible through a network of qualified partners including carriers, sub-contractors, and charter services. Our goal is to minimize transit time and maximize ROI on your shipping processes.

Our Air Freight Services include

  • Recognition and preferential rates from leading carriers.
  • Charter operations.
  • Consoles for import and export from and to major destination gateways.
  • Dedicated customer support personnel.
  • Door to door freight forwarding service.
  • Special discounted freight rates.
  • Express delivery and Emergency service for time-sensitive shipments.
  • Door Delivery worldwide.
  • Ex-works from any place in the world.
  • Priority air freight forwarding service.
  • Scheduled departures and arrivals.
  • Pick-up and delivery.
  • Material receipt, inventory, warehousing and distribution
  • Assembly and distribution.
  • Transportation, clearance and delivery from overseas suppliers.